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Air & Water Balancing and Commissioning Overview

Our aim is to provide a professional commissioning service while maintaining high personal communication at all levels with those involved in the contract works.

Installation and commissioning surveys are undertaken with the commissioning requirements of the modern heating and air conditioning installation. All tests carried out are in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Building Services, codes A & W.  Documentation is issued upon completion.

It is our policy to inform clients immediately of any discrepancies within the systems being commissioned.  The professional team's advice is requested with our client's approval, on design aspects requiring attention and review.

In our opinion, by adopting an open approach to commissioning of mechanical services installations, problems that occur during commissioning can be resolved as an integral part of the contract, thus avoiding the all to familiar situation of systems being unacceptable at the contract completion stage, and thereby offering the occupying client a reliable and trouble free mechanical services installation.

Commissioning Services

All major building and refurbishment projects will require their services to be commissioned in accordance with these codes.

The mechanical services installed within these projects are specialist designed to suit their particular requirments.  Typically the services you would expect to find are:-

        -    LTHW

        -    Chilled Water
        -    Condenser Water
        -    Supply & Extract Ventilation
        -    Domestic Services

These main headings can also then be sub divided into more detailed heating/ventilation and air conditioning systems.  See table below.

The lists above and the table below are only an overview and is to highlight the most commonly used and commissioned systems.

These systems are found in buildings such as:-

        -    Offices
        -    Hotels
        -    Hospitals
        -    Leisure Complexes
        -    Apartments
        -    Schools, Colleges & Universities
        -    Laboratories
        -    Large Domestic Houses       
        -    Airports

LTHW Chilled Water Condenser Water Ventilaiton Systems Domestic Services
Via Boilers & Biomass Boilers Via Chillers, Air or Water Cooled Via Cooling Towers/Condensors
Via Fans, AHU & Heat Reclaim Units Via Calorifiers & Heat Exchangers
Fan Coil Units
Fan Coil Units
Ground Source/Air Source Heat Pumps Toilet Extracts
Hot Water Secondary
Chilled Beams/Panels
Fan Coil Unit Secondary Grilles
Cold Water Secondary
Trench Heating
AHU Coils
  VAV Supply System
Boosted Services
AHU Coils
Equipment Coils
  General Extract Via Spigots/Grilles Sprinkler Systems
Radiant Panels
CRAC Units
  General Supply Via Spigots/Grilles Drench Systems
Under Floor Heating

Humidification Systems